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 Thanks for viewing my website. 
My name is Vaughan Herriott and I have been a professional reproduction prop maker, and puppet maker for about 10 years now.

Earlier this year I was comissioned by The London Film Museum in Covent Garden , London to recreate a full set of main characters from Gerry Andersons Television series Thunderbirds.

I have been informed that the puppets have been TEMPERARILY  stored. They are finding new premises to open another museum and will be displayed there with other Gerry Anderson stuff. I will keep you all posted when and where. Please visit the museum in Covent Garden it is free to enter and they have a vast James Bond display with original props and cars.

Well if you were there as I was you will know that Andercon 2014 was an absolute BLAST and sold out for the 2 days. Well folks if you were not there this time you will get you chance next year for there is to be an ANDERCON 2
This was Mr Jamie Andersons first celebration of His Fathers work , Jamie and his team lead by Mark Dando at Basestar have pulled of an exeptional work. My hat is off to the amount of work that had gone into this event. There was a massive amount of guests and unseen footage. Actual props and of course replica props models and Puppets.
David Sissons had a superb array of his work spanning all aspects of Gerry Andersons work. There was also the inspirational work of Barry Evans and to many amazing people to mention. Next year will be bigger  much bigger. I would like to take this opertunity to thank Jamie Anderson and Mary Anderson, Mark Dando and ALL the Basester team, (You know who you are) All the exibitors and the CREW. It was amazing and a pleasure to be part of. Roll on next year I also have a special thanks to the security team who did a marvellous job. 

These include the whole Tracy family. The 5  brothers,  Scott Tracy, Virgil Tracy, Alan Tracy, Gordon Tracy and John Tracy.  Jeff and Grandma Tracy, the London secret agent to International Rescue, Lady Penelope and her faithful man servant and chauffer , Parker.  TinTin,  her father Kyrano, manservant to the Tracy family. The ultimate bad guy,  The Hood, and not forgetting Mr Hakenbacker the “Brains” of Thunderbirds.



I have also been commissioned to make Captain Scarlet and Captain Black for a new display to compliment the Thunderbirds Puppets. 

Stingrays Troy Tempest,Lieutenant Sheridan Phones, Marina, Atlanta Shore, Commander Shore and Lieutenant Fisher of WASP. The World Aquanaught Security Patrol are soon to follow with a compliment of Bad guys comprising of Lord Titan, Surface agent X20 with an Aquaphibian Guard.


Andercon Images



The Shadows


I have just completed a full set of Cliff Richard Jnr and The Shadows puppets From Thunderbirds are Go  along with their instruments including guitars and drums. – Read more

Pilot Chair

I have now completed my Scotts pilot chair replica . - Read more



The 3 basic Thunderbirds bodies – Read more


I really enjoy my hobby and to make replica puppets is very relaxing and also great fun. I have been a life long enthusiast of Gerry Andersons work and have been lucky to meet the man before his passing several times.

My respect and admiration also goes to all the people involved in the making of these amazing tv programs. The model makers, the puppeteers and the special effects people. 
Supercar, FireballXL5 and Stingray are among my favorite seires. 


The Characters of Mike Mercury, Professor Popkiss and Dr Beaker , Jimmy Gibson and not forgeting Mitch the Monkey are all larger than life and extremely endiring to a generation of Anderson fans.

FireballXL5 was before my time but Thanks to the DVD collection I am forever watching The Adventures of Colonel Steve Zodiac, Proffessor Mathew Mattic,  Dr Venus and Robert the Robot. Also the antics of Zoony the Lazoon.

By the time Joe 90 came into production I had grown out of the puppet scene, but once again DV D box sets showed me what I was missing. Big Rat and Proffessor Ian Mclaine, Sam Loover and Shane Weston with WIN most special agent  Joe 90. 

Well folks I hope you enjoy looking at my work,  there will always be more puppets added as I make them.

Thanks for looking, all the best,


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